Stefan's Painters Firm - Murals and Oil Paintings with Presence

Murals creates vividness in every space they reach. They create diversity, originality, differentiation, and warmth.
They also give those staying at home or business a different and unique atmosphere.

“Stefan’s Painters Firm” was founded by Stefan Keinan, an artist with extensive experience in the art of murals and oil paintings.
Stefan was born and raised in France where he acquired the basics of painting and art.
“Stefan’s Painters Firm” was founded in 2001 and since then its main goal, for over 19 years, has been to turn any wall into a dream and to an original creation.
With us, you can turn any wall or canvas into anything that comes to mind.
Every project is carried out creatively, quickly, with high quality and without compromises.
We provide a full warranty for each painting and its durability over many years, both for interior and exterior paintings.
Stefan executes every project with great passion and love, his personal imprint is absorbed in every piece he creates, and that is what makes them unforgettable!
Our clientele includes a number of institutions, municipalities, businesses in the private/public sector, cafes, kindergartens, schools, high-tech offices, private homes, and more.

Art allows me to make some spaces appear larger and give them a different feel; If there is a small room I can paint a window with a view, if the ceiling is low you can paint roofs that will give it a sense of height or even paint a sky on it. When it comes to art, the only limit is imagination.
Over the years I have specialized in three-dimensional paintings, in which I combine, in addition to colors, also a texture that produces a more realistic effect. Instead of working with a projector on the wall, I work on a freer line; Freestyle, it allows me to take every piece I make and adapt it in the most natural and elegant way to any wall I work on.

Among other things, I paint on children’s walls and just think about what satisfaction I get from the look of a child who has just entered a room and sees drawings of dinosaurs or race cars or characters from his favorite computer game.

ציורי קיר

Turn your wall into a dream

From simple, boring, or empty spaces, you can create new life to it, fall in love with it again and upgrade the atmosphere for those who live in it.