Business murals

It is hard to miss the fact that nowadays, most of the offices in the country look like the principal’s room we had at school. White walls (or worse-beige) throughout the office, which is neutral at best, and simply depressing at worst. In the “newer” offices you can find “smart sentences” on the wall that are supposed to instill motivation, but in reality, they are making the office look like a Facebook page.

So what can be done with it, wallpapers? possibly, but only recommended if all your business activities are focused on the 70s 🙂

To buy random pictures from the internet? It is also possible, but then it will be the same Facebook page, just framed.

Murals that are designed to reflect the values ​​of your business? Now we’re talking!
Business murals give character to the business, they add style and become an integral part of the symbol that represents the place. In recent years, the trend of murals for businesses has been growing. Many businesses understand the great significance that comes from this and takes the opportunity to differentiate and style their business. This is a great opportunity to differentiate your business and make it more noticeable, popular, and more memorable. Beyond attracting the attention of potential customers, murals in the business soak up a pleasant and relaxed work environment for the employees at the workplace. The workspace gets a garnet, aesthetics, and charm that sets the brand apart and emphasizes its values.

“Stefan’s Painters Firm” provides custom handmade murals for businesses. The murals are made in a three-dimensional method that gives each space a surprising and distinctive design touch.
“Art allows me to make some spaces appear larger and give them a different feel; If there is a small room I can paint a window with a view, if the ceiling is low you can paint roofs that will give it a sense of height or even paint a sky on it. When it comes to art, the only limit is imagination.”
The company combines some professionals and artists who perform paintings in various styles and scales for private and business customers throughout the country.