Turn your wall into a dream.

The art of painting has been my expertise for many years and I have accumulated extensive experience in all styles and designs, including Oil Paintings, paintings in children’s rooms, schools, kindergartens, businesses, walls, outdoor and indoor structures, furniture and more.

Painting murals is a new way to share my paintings with more people while having a stronger impact on its viewers. I opened my mural business in 2003, and since then I strive to paint murals at high quality .

My first love in this field was oil paintings and I try to make murals with acrylic colors without losing on the quality which i have there. I enjoy murals because i can draw in 3D format providing the viewer with the impression he can be a part of the painting – which is the purpose of murals.  Since the quality of my work matters to me particularly and especially outdoors, i work on the wall preparation using primer, then creating the paint and adding at last varnish layer to preserve the painting for many years.


Who we are

Stephan’s firm for painters was founded over a decade ago by the artist Stefan Keinan, a veteran and experienced wall painting artist.

The company combines a number of professionals and artists who perform paintings in various styles and scales for private and business customers throughout the country.

We can paint everything imaginable creatively, quickly and at the highest level, while maintaining quality, high precision, cleanliness, professional technique and durable materials over time.

We provide full responsibility for the quality of the paintings and their durability for many years, both for internal and external paintings.

Stefan executes every project with great passion and love, his personal imprint is absorbed in every piece he creates, and that is what makes them unforgettable!